About Us

We source, train and employ online tutors from around the world. Together with our educational partners, we deliver high-quality tuition to thousands of students, in five continents across the world. Tutors can choose to teach students at any level, depending on their subject expertise and qualification.

For tutors

Our platform is your opportunity to enjoy a flexible way of tutoring, from wherever you want, at whatever time suits you best. As a tutor you can conveniently give lectures and tutorials from the comfort of your home simply with your computer and an internet connection. Whether your student is located 10 miles away or 10,000 miles away, you can deliver the same quality of education to a global audience of students.

Whether you are a dedicated teacher, academic student, experienced tutor or completely new to tuition, we are open to different levels of expertise. We provide you with subject specific as well as general tutor training, so that you can accelerate your teaching and benefit from it personally. By delivering online tutoring, you open up your possibilities for tuition to hundreds, if not thousands of students. Join us as we educate the world.

For partners

We work with a number of international educational partners including universities, MOOCs and online education startups. If you are interested in talking about partnership opportunities, please get in touch with us at support@mathsdoctor.co.uk.